Friday, April 19, 2013


So. I had my first comment! This was my reaction when I realized it:

And this was my reaction after I read it:

And for those of you who haven't read the comment, this is it:

First of all: when I said this is personal blog, I didn't mean that personal! I mean my family members and exes might be reading this! But because I wan't to bee a good blogger and you (who ever you are!) were my first commenter (congrats!) I think I will answer your quostions! But only if you tell me who you are. Deal? 


Movie: I watch a lots of movies! And by a lot I mean a LOT. I would put here a picture of my movie collection, but sadly it is packed in boxes right now. I don't know if I have the one favorite. For example I like Star Wars series, Clockwork Orange, Back to the Future, Matrix and many .... MANY others. I watch movies from one end to the another, but I especially enjoy sci fi and action and movies which will fuck your mind.
Actor: N/A. I don't have favorite actor, but I can give you list of actors I hate if you would like me to?
Band: I listen music, alright. But I don't have favorite band ether. D: I listen music depending on my mood, if I'm happy I listen happy music and if I'm sad I listen sad music. I prefer 70's, 80's and 90's rock and punk and I don't really know anything about music of 2000's.
Song: This changes like every day! Sometimes couple times a day. Today it is probably this:

I don't really listen Neuroticfish, but I am currently making kinetic typography of this song SO IT IS IN MY HEAD ALL THE TIME. They're coming to take me away, he-hee ha-haa ho-hoo! I might go crazy before thing is ready!
Sex position: I really wanted to answer something nice to this, but I couldn't just ignore my previous answers! Considering them, should I now say something like "I have lot's of sex and I can't decide just one!"? :'D Okay, I don't have so much sex but I still can't decide.
Location to have sex: I might be boring, but I'll go with bed. Or actually anywhere where is enough room. Cars and couches and other are not fun. D: I would totally choose floor over them.

PREFERENCES IN MEN (or women equivalent)
Dick size: ..............I won't answer this one
Appearance: Am I too clishé if I say I don't really care? I like it when the other one is taller than me, so when I don't reach the top shelf I have someone to serve me! But other than that ... I don't really care. 
Personality: Just ... like me and love me and don't cheat (/love other women [or men!]) and I'm pretty happy. Be good to me, and I'll be good for you. I don't really know what kind of personalities I like as everyone I have dated has been so different from each other (and yet every relationship has ended). 
Turn ons: Confidence, might even be little bit bossy some times! If you press me against wall and don't let me go -- even if I'm super mad -- I will melt in your hands. And if you bite my lip or neck; you better start taking your fucking clothes off. Just saying. 
Turn offs: Please .... just ... don't apologize everything to do. And don't try too hard.


  1. I didn't think you would answer o.0 I just found the question sheet somewhere and posted it. Thanks though.
    What comes to my identity ... You will never know!

  2. HEY ... that's just mean. D: You should at least tell me that do I know you? Or where did you found my blog? Or something.

    Of course I'll answer to my first comment! It would be like super rude not to.

  3. Well I do not know you so you knowing me would be unlikely. I found it on the RPG. It just sat there on the Siggy, waiting to be clicked.