Sunday, April 28, 2013

#10 things I'm tired of hearing: About vegetarism

To get this blog little bit more interesting I came up with idea of making couple themes for my future posts;
10 things I'm tired of hearing and Random facts about me. Kind of like mini series if you wish to think it that way. I will post under these themes when ever I'm bored/feel like it. We shall start with 10 things.

10 things about vegetarianism! *gasp*

#1. WHY?!
Good question. I have no idea! I was angry teenager when I started, I have no "good reason" for this. Now I have been without meat for so long that eating it makes me feel sick, simple as that. 

#2. So .... do you eat chicken/fish?
Meat is meat. No.

#3. Cheese, milk, eggs?
Those are not meat. Yes.

#4. Then what do you eat?
You know .... food?

#5. Do you wear leather/fur/silk...etc?
No to fur, yes to anything else.

#6. Are you one of those greenpeace / peta / some-other-organization fanatics?
Nope. I have no interest to that.

#7. I like meat
Okay. I can cook it for you if you wish. I enjoy cooking, and if I have friends or family coming over I'm happy to cook for them. If they enjoy eating meat I cook it for them. Simple as that.

#8. I hate tofu
Then don't eat it. I eat tofu like once in 2 or 3 months, so its not that big part of my diet.

#9. Does your dog eat meat?
Wtf question is that? Of course she does. My freezer is full of raw meat and bones for her, so don't freak out. I'm not a murderer or anything.

#10. Okay, but don't try to make me stop eating meat!
Don't worry. I wont. My family eats meat, most of my exes have eaten meat. I hate it when some vegetarian/vegans blame other people for eating meat, I'm not like that. I seriously don't give a fuck about what you eat. I could eat meat, if it would not be so gross for me and wouldn't make me sick.


  1. Just a thing that I've been wondering for a looong time (not in YOUR case, in general)..
    Why is leather any different from fur ethically? It's still made from an animal. Well in your case it's not really that hypocritical since you just don't like meat and are used to not eat it, you're not that enthusiastic about it if I get you right.
    I know a lot of punks (for example) who are really loud about not eating meat and any animal product like milk, cheese, eggs etc.. and yet they wear those oh so cool (real)leather jackets and boots. I find it funny somehow. What do you think of this? :D

  2. Good point! I have wondered the same thing myself. I personally don't use fur because I want to protest against the living conditions of fur animals in my country. I also try to use leather as little as possible, but I'm not fanatic about it. ^^

    This is ethical question and no one but the person her-/himself can answer that! I must agree that it is quite weird that someone wants to label oneself as vegan but still adores leather clothing...