Thursday, May 9, 2013

Life choices ... they suck too

When you are at the point when you have way too many options ... what should you do?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Distance ... it sucks

What was the year I sweared to myself no more long distance? 2009? Life has mysterious ways to make one so happy and so sad at the same time ...

Sunday, April 28, 2013

#10 things I'm tired of hearing: About vegetarism

To get this blog little bit more interesting I came up with idea of making couple themes for my future posts;
10 things I'm tired of hearing and Random facts about me. Kind of like mini series if you wish to think it that way. I will post under these themes when ever I'm bored/feel like it. We shall start with 10 things.

10 things about vegetarianism! *gasp*

#1. WHY?!
Good question. I have no idea! I was angry teenager when I started, I have no "good reason" for this. Now I have been without meat for so long that eating it makes me feel sick, simple as that. 

#2. So .... do you eat chicken/fish?
Meat is meat. No.

#3. Cheese, milk, eggs?
Those are not meat. Yes.

#4. Then what do you eat?
You know .... food?

#5. Do you wear leather/fur/silk...etc?
No to fur, yes to anything else.

#6. Are you one of those greenpeace / peta / some-other-organization fanatics?
Nope. I have no interest to that.

#7. I like meat
Okay. I can cook it for you if you wish. I enjoy cooking, and if I have friends or family coming over I'm happy to cook for them. If they enjoy eating meat I cook it for them. Simple as that.

#8. I hate tofu
Then don't eat it. I eat tofu like once in 2 or 3 months, so its not that big part of my diet.

#9. Does your dog eat meat?
Wtf question is that? Of course she does. My freezer is full of raw meat and bones for her, so don't freak out. I'm not a murderer or anything.

#10. Okay, but don't try to make me stop eating meat!
Don't worry. I wont. My family eats meat, most of my exes have eaten meat. I hate it when some vegetarian/vegans blame other people for eating meat, I'm not like that. I seriously don't give a fuck about what you eat. I could eat meat, if it would not be so gross for me and wouldn't make me sick.

Friday, April 26, 2013

My life is so eventfull

So I have been trying to write something, but then I realized nothing is going on in my life. Expect secret drama but I'm not allowed to talk about it. D: 

So this is pretty much what I have been doing past few days:

Am I naked under that placket? You find out ;)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dating - what is that?

Yesterday at work some totally random dude came to me and asked me to go on date with him. I was pretty shocked. Not really about the fact someone wanted to go out with me, but about that some wanted to go on real date.

I have never been on real date.
Not ever in my entire life.

My opinion of romantic evening has always been like...

I have no idea what to think now.

Friday, April 19, 2013


So. I had my first comment! This was my reaction when I realized it:

And this was my reaction after I read it:

And for those of you who haven't read the comment, this is it:

First of all: when I said this is personal blog, I didn't mean that personal! I mean my family members and exes might be reading this! But because I wan't to bee a good blogger and you (who ever you are!) were my first commenter (congrats!) I think I will answer your quostions! But only if you tell me who you are. Deal? 


Movie: I watch a lots of movies! And by a lot I mean a LOT. I would put here a picture of my movie collection, but sadly it is packed in boxes right now. I don't know if I have the one favorite. For example I like Star Wars series, Clockwork Orange, Back to the Future, Matrix and many .... MANY others. I watch movies from one end to the another, but I especially enjoy sci fi and action and movies which will fuck your mind.
Actor: N/A. I don't have favorite actor, but I can give you list of actors I hate if you would like me to?
Band: I listen music, alright. But I don't have favorite band ether. D: I listen music depending on my mood, if I'm happy I listen happy music and if I'm sad I listen sad music. I prefer 70's, 80's and 90's rock and punk and I don't really know anything about music of 2000's.
Song: This changes like every day! Sometimes couple times a day. Today it is probably this:

I don't really listen Neuroticfish, but I am currently making kinetic typography of this song SO IT IS IN MY HEAD ALL THE TIME. They're coming to take me away, he-hee ha-haa ho-hoo! I might go crazy before thing is ready!
Sex position: I really wanted to answer something nice to this, but I couldn't just ignore my previous answers! Considering them, should I now say something like "I have lot's of sex and I can't decide just one!"? :'D Okay, I don't have so much sex but I still can't decide.
Location to have sex: I might be boring, but I'll go with bed. Or actually anywhere where is enough room. Cars and couches and other are not fun. D: I would totally choose floor over them.

PREFERENCES IN MEN (or women equivalent)
Dick size: ..............I won't answer this one
Appearance: Am I too clishé if I say I don't really care? I like it when the other one is taller than me, so when I don't reach the top shelf I have someone to serve me! But other than that ... I don't really care. 
Personality: Just ... like me and love me and don't cheat (/love other women [or men!]) and I'm pretty happy. Be good to me, and I'll be good for you. I don't really know what kind of personalities I like as everyone I have dated has been so different from each other (and yet every relationship has ended). 
Turn ons: Confidence, might even be little bit bossy some times! If you press me against wall and don't let me go -- even if I'm super mad -- I will melt in your hands. And if you bite my lip or neck; you better start taking your fucking clothes off. Just saying. 
Turn offs: Please .... just ... don't apologize everything to do. And don't try too hard.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Too much free time, too much to do

So my little sister will turn 16 tomorrow. It's great that I have all week off from work so I can clean and bake and do stuff.

But somehow this guy always distracts me.

No matter how hard I try to focus, he always figures a way.

Needless to say anything more.

Monday, April 15, 2013

New begginings

Welcome to my super cool updated BLOG. Version 2.0. Everything is now better and fancier and ... DUN DUN DUN --- IN ENGLISH so all you foreign friends might understand me better. Oh my flying spaghetti monster, this is gonna be fun! All the previous posts are now hidden from your spying little eyes,so you won't get confused with this multi-language thingy.

This blog still has no meaning at all and it is mainly used as my own private spot for releasing some steam.

I'm terrible at these start post things, so .... here. Have a meme.